This project, created at Gray Area Foundation, was a series of experiments employing traditional and non-traditional storytelling techniques in video games. I attempted to mix realities, linear and non-linear narrative, and 2D and 3D worlds.

The narrative begins in a traditional 2D sidescroller. The player begins to realize that someone is trying to contact them from the other side of the game. This "someone" is Kid, and although unknown to the player in the beginning, will repeatedly alter the world to bring you closer to her.
The player will shift from linear 2D space to a linear 360 degree video. The player's level of control has increased, and the realism of the environment has also increased. Next, the player will be able to non-linearly navigate 360 degree photo space where they can begin to make choices. Finally, the player is transported into "true" 360 degree video game space as Kid invites the player to make contact.

A full gameplay walkthrough is available at the top of the page.
New World Trail

The following illustrates the departure from 2D space into an environment created with 360 degree video.

The following shows a technique for navigating non-linear space (point and click style) using 360 degree images.

The last two videos demonstrate post-processing effects applied on top of 360 degree video.