The Peak Beyond is a manufacturer and developer of interactive smart tables and integrated POS systems for retail spaces. Our goal is to provide a unique hands-on retail experience that educates consumers about industry relevant products and to make purchasing easy and fun.

Imagine the educational benefit of a digital bud tender with the reduced sales overhead of a grocery store self-checkout kiosk.

This project was originally commissioned by PepsiCo for the Boutique Sensorium, an immersive theatrical dining experience showcasing the future of food and technology, as part of 2016 Milan Design Week.

While the technology can be easily reworked for any retail industry, we are targeting the cannabis industry for the opportunity to capitalize on the California legalization movement.

We believe that capacitive touch screens are an inevitable part of the retail industry. We are proud to be ahead of the curve in bringing them into dispensaries around the country.

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Interactive Smart Tables

Version 1.0 (2013):