Zoa is a sculptural installation created on site at American Steel Studios in collaboration with the Flux Foundation for the 2012 Burning Man festival.

At first, an elegant, translucent structure inspired by seedpods rises from the desert floor. Next, an awe inspiring mind-week burn reveals an unexpected sculptural array hidden within. Three sinuous forms pulse with a fiery glow, seeming to breathe and dance. Two have propane-based interactive effects and one a gently dripping liquid fountain. Ground-level pressure sensors encourage participant interaction and play. Embedded LEDs provide a further changing display of color and intensity, which are affected by the crowds movement and sound.

Roughly six teams of ten were arranged according to specialty and task in order to bring Zoa to life.: Woodchucks, Metalheads, Surfacing, Pyrotechnics, Fundraising and Geeks. As part of the Geek team, my primary role was in the development, digital fabrication, mounting and testing of the interactive lighting system concealed within the wooden frame.


Photos taken by members of the Flux community and published here with permission.

Works / Zoa
Photo: Andy Greenwood

Photo: extramatic

Photo: AGrinberg

Photo: Wendell DeLano

Photo: Wendy Goodfriend

Photo: Josh Keppel

Photo: mustardgreen

Photo: poetrosakranse

Photo: Andy Greenwood